Saturday, April 23, 2011


I have often been asked by readers where certain events took place or locations of certain buildings and complexes that are not open to visitors and to a greater extent have now been removed and replaced with other facilities.
The Plan I am showing here depicts the period while I was living within in the Camp from 1948-1954. I have made one omission, there was a railway line linking the Fuel Depot from the main trunk which was built by GI Prisoners around 1950/51

1: Guard House and Main Entrance
2: Telephone Exchange and Provost Marshal
3: Boiler House
4; Coal Bunker [1}
5: Water Tower
6: SS Hospital and Operating Theater[1a]
6aAccomendation for Nurses
6bSS Funeral House/Morgue/Autopsy and Crematorium[2]
6cSmall Mounds of Graves[3]
7; Restaurant,German Club
aBowling Alley, Americans only
8: QM Laundry
9: Cinema, Americans only
10:War Crimes Tribunal Building[4]
10a Holding Block for War Criminals[4a]
11: Ordnance Field Maintenance Shop

11aVehicle Maintenance Shop
12: Air Raid Shelter
13: Main Garrison SS Totenkopf[4b]
14: Motor Pool Barracks
15: Bandsman School
15aHead Quarters
16: Bakery
17: Motor Pool
18:Commanders Villa
19: Special Service Club
20: EES Laundry
21: Swimming Pool
22:Officers Club
23: EM Club
23bConcrete Wall[5]
24: Crematorium
25: Dispensary/Doctor
26: PX
27: US Army Stockade
27aRefugee Camp[6]

Notes:[1] The coal bunker, where the massacre took place, was modernized 1950/51 and is fully automated
[1a]Living Quarters of German Employees
[2] This crematorium was portable and cast iron,gas fired
[3] Alleged burial-site of 20 children,I did not pursue it further
[4] Building was later used by the Ord.Supply Office
[4a]Cells were removed,building used as paint store
[4b]Used by Units of US Army
[5] Alleged shooting of SS men took place and was stopped after 20 children took poison
[6]The old concentration camp barracks
[A][B]Bldgs.3a,2a,used by temporary SS-Guards
were mainly shot at the coal bunker

ariel photo taken from the north,